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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lake Wenatchee Part 2

Pix are all clickable for larger viewing pleasure!
Coming back down Hiway 2, we got a picture of these Rock Stars we had seen on the way up to the lake. We didn't see any cameras though, darn it! Can't see them?  Me neither. But...this is the area they had been working on....guess I should have added an arrow to the hillside on the left, behind the barriers.  They, the climbers,  knock the dangerous rocks down off the face by climbing up and down on can go to the link for a better explanation.
I do love a Butte.  Would love this for a view.
Same Butte, different spot down the road...or up the road.
Above, there is a waterfall in the dark green area below the Butte...
and a little zooming in below....

My sweetie today....and a few..few years ago.  This is the only time I see his upper lip.
Different subject...Megan came home with the detritus from her desk/files/etc. As I upended the large envelope, out fell a crayon... indigo crayon...Jude had just posted recently an indigo crayon...small world.
 The Squirrel in Color is progressing nicely.  I worked on her while on our Mini-Vac.

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