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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Thread Pix

 Above are threads I dug out...they are all perle cottons, what remains from a gift my mom gave me while I was a teen....a box of colorful, brand new was a gift I will never forget!
 I found some grays in it, perfect for the upcoming project I will be starting in the Sumptuous Surface Embroidery class Sharon B. is giving. We are starting with monotone, all one color group, so I am starting with grays, for a squirrel. The 2 black perle cottons are size 5 and 8 and the 2 yarns are from Emily Parsons yarns.
I had found a few new-to-me threads on Ebay, but 2 of them are not quite right, the bluer one on the right, next to the 2 blacks, and the greener one on the left, 2nd skein in.  The far left perle is too blue too, which is ok. The new to me threads are a DMC flower thread, thin and woolie. Not my usual shiny-coin preference. But that is what taking a class is all about....crawling out of your comfort shell.
And this bit is the perle I painted myself, just a better view of it's true colors. I used an empty spool to wind it on and must admit that this 'deeper' spool was very easy to use, as opposed to the decorative wooden ones, [though these look rather useable] or even the less-yardage spools.

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