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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Zipper Bags

You know those zipper bags that many sheets/pillowcases/comforters/etc  come in??  I keep them, of course, and re-use them for what ever I need them for.  I got some small ones recently and found they are perfect for keeping small WIPS together.
 Then I can grab it and know that everything I need is in there. I even have one, the one above, in fact, that has scissors/thimble/needles in it for a take-along project.
This is an out of order pic of my footstool, where you can see the different bowls hold the threads for different WIPS. The plastic one full of DMC is for that x-titch I may never get to, but the threads are ready in the box I always used. {I did A LOT of 
x-titching in days of yore}{the Don Quixote dish is empty because I recently finished a WIP, which would make it a is DONE!} {that dish came from Spain, via Steph, the CollegeGirl}

What got me thinking of showing this bag idea is because of another blog, of course.  
about how we keep our piles of stuff organized, or not, for different projects, because most of us have more than one going at a time.
 I had so many, I had to mask-tape-post-it the dishes for each project. Since my scissors and thimble are sitting in this one, it is the WIP at the moment.  {Steph, those are the totally awesome scissors you got for me in Italy!!! and yes I spelt  x-titch wrong on porpoise}

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  1. those zippered bags are great. i have lots of different sizes.