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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Today the SUN Shines

Did some doodle-coloring the other day with the new sharpies.
 am changing the glass panels in our bathroom doors from pink to white.
 Am still working on the Red, White and Chocolate quilt....
the backing is folded over to the front for the 'binding'.
 Updated look at my 'design wall'  which I don't dust...which may account for some of the sag.  I figure there is a dustoliogist out there just waiting to date this stuff. Don't suppose carbon dating would work....
 This was buried on my dresser....Megan made it in school.  Now I know why they needed sponges.  Maybe it will get put in the wrapping paper box before this xmas.
This is the right side of the design wall....
1 Mitten= saw many fun ideas for advent calendars using baby stuff.  
So here is the first day...
1 'tail'= Ben once sported the long ago.
many faces= drawings by gup and megan.
labels from charm packs= I saved the labels, and what selvedges i had, from the fabrics used in the Red, White and Chocolate quilt i am making.  Somehow they were important to me, and the selvedges will be used in the quilt label.
tree 'pattern'= stencil sort of pattern.  of a tree.

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