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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cross Stitch?

Am I nuts? Yes. But I really like the fruit 'labels' DMC offered, for free, back in the long ago.  I have done a couple of others...I think....not sure if there are more than 2.. you can see, my tidy thread collection has taken a turn for the mess.
 I took the color chart down off the wall....yes I had the chart on the wall but not the stitcheries....oh well, that's me for ya. I did make a vinyl sleeve for the chart to keep the threads from getting all dusty.
 I also tea dyed the 11-count fabric so it wasn't so stark.
 It's possible I will never do this...but it's almost all ready for me. Threads were found, surprise!, the fabric is ready, but not 'mapped' , and I need to enlarge the chart to about 4' x 8' to see it...
'stitcheries' spell check says it's not a word....
mapped....baste a few graph lines on the fabric, to keep me some what anal.

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  1. Just wait to those girls get a little older...then your threads will really be a mess! Like the tea dye...good luck with your Mrs. X-stitch you...