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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Working on This

When I first made this storybook quilt, seen here, we only had one granddaughter. Megan. {there is an M on her in this picture}.  I recently decided to include this picture in my holiday cards....but it needed to be updated for sure!

So I did some quick drawings of the other three girls....when you don't have to add faces or hands, it's super easy to draw!
So there are now 4 girls around/on the couch with me least in this picture. I really need a love seat instead of my chair so the girls can continue to sit with me.  With the girls growing faster than any weed on the planet, we now have to sit on my bed to get cozy....but the priceless part....Megan can read parts of the book to US.
Oh...and it wasn't until I was taking the pix that I noticed the 'giving' word above us, for The Giving Tree.  I tied it in with the picture too.  Here is the shot without the added letters....

P.S. the other storybook quilt I made for my brothers grandsons is here...

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