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Thursday, December 01, 2011

MoonCloth and Pathways

Here is the whole piece of MoonCloth and boat.  Moon is actually stitched down, just no pix of it like that.  I am pondering how to blend the 2 blues in a bit more...some bits are pinned on above the boat....
 My magic cloth, Pathways, is almost complete....I think. I will have to wait until a really bright day to get a good picture of it.  This first one  is of Dan holding it up, then 'rotated' to publish.
 These 2 pix are of this hung over a rod in a window.


  1. The visual impact of mooncloth from afar is quite stunning. Not that i want to hurt the feelings of pathways but I think you've really got something brewing with Mooncloth...the boat, the clouds the's all coming together beautifully. Try putting it on the wall across the room and sitting far away and you'll see what i Mean....then maybe meditate on it...when all those girlies are not around....

    Happy Sunday. xo Susan

  2. Pathways is a whole world
    unto itself....
    will you put it in a window?