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Monday, December 19, 2011

Decor De Ginger.....

 Doesn't everyone lounge in the bathroom?
 This was the weekend to decorate the house's....Megan's was quite the fashion this year.
That's Rhiley back there checking out her mama's A-frame.
When Steph picked up her Kit, she didn't notice the words 
"Pre-Built" so she was a little bummed..she really likes the challenge of holding the walls up....
 Do I tidy up before this knowing pix will be taken?  Sure.
That look Steph was giving Lily...hummmm
 Rhiley says, 'take my pitcher' gaaama...then moves!  Lily's look behind her...????
Ashley's A-frame...see her garden there on the side?....did you know you can get rice crispy treats in a large flat?? Not just for Food Network stars anymore! 

I love her pink door.

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