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Friday, December 30, 2011

Before the End Of the Year

thought I'd better get a couple more pix in...These are from x-mas day.
 Ashley dressed her girls in color coordinating outfits, Rhiley and Avery. 
{and Gup above}
 Santa needed a wagon this year!
 But Rhiley was able to pull it.
And the next day was rather peaceful for a while as the girls, Megan, Lily and Stephanie were playing with electronic games. {Lily does 'cupcakes' on the iPod}  Megan is holding a Leap Pad daddy got the girls, plus extra games that of course involve spelling, math, etc. Lily, 3, is really getting good at computer-ing, but I noticed she needs to work on pencil/coloring skills.  Megan,6, has moved in giant leaps with her reading and writing skills, though her penmanship is falling a bit behind and her teacher wants us to encourage her to write more. But when you watch her, you can see her brain is moving way faster than her do we ask her to slow her brain down???  Her coloring skills have vastly improved too, she keeps within the lines {she has plenty of time to explore outside the lines later} and when I commented on it she said, "Yeah, I learned to do that with the dot things...know what I mean Gup?"...I, of course, first pictured the old computer cards we used to have to fill in...then the other tests we took using a no. 2 pencil!
Yes, I know what you mean Megan.
Stephanie is playing with the ninetendo DS that I got for x-mas. I like to have it in my purse for when I have to wait for something, like at the doc's office. My old, way old, one died recently, so Dan got me a new one.  I don't have a cell phone to play with like most people...

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