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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Been Working On...

Older projects.  The Mosaic Blocks quilt.  First I needed to add more lines for quilting along.  I can't sew a straight line ....let alone hand quilt one!  So I was marking this quilt with Crayola washable pens...
...I love the Pip Squeaks!  Have my own set...for me...but I see they make them in a 64 color set....hummm....SANTA!!!!!!
 Where was I...??....oh yea...this is the whole quilt to refresh our memories...
 I also sat at the sewing machine to work on this pink quilt.
 The top is all assembled now and am working on the backing.  I am sewing FQ's, and other pieces from the construction of the top, together.  
It's been nice to sit at the machine again.  And to quilt too.  
MoonPath sits waiting for just the right inspiration...Probably until next year...We have the girls all next week, so I will be too tired to think.

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