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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Revisiting my Crow Piece

{originally done in early 2010}
This quilt came about recently when I read of a contest on/at Lark Books.They wanted at least 3 of 5 things on the quilt.
3-silver things
4-re-purposed things

this brought on an ah-ha moment for me.
With the recent interest in this piece, I sat looking at it this morning.
[ok, so it's on the bathroom wall...]
I learned a lot doing this.
The hand stitching.  The effects of them show up really well in this shot, ripples in the fabric.  I stitched the mountains north/south. If I had stitched them east/west, the ripples would go north/south 
and look more mountain-y.
The yarn birds.  I really like how they turned out, done with the wool yarn.
The larger birds.  I had stitched through paper for the original outlines because I didn't have another way to transfer them, the lines, to the black fabric.  Now I can see that adding more stitching would enhance them, whether by hand or machine.
The moon side of the mountains.  Really should have used a darker fabric to represent twilight.

Hopefully I will remember all this when I get back to one of the projects I have started, waiting patiently in my footstool.  Maybe the tropical one.

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  1. I love this piece, but yes, self critiquing is good. So you can now start a series :)