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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Post # 1501~~ Whew That's Large

On FrankenStitch this week we have some laced buttonhole....that green stuff you see between mole hills.  The fabric under it is not needle friendly, AT ALL. Nope. So to get around that, I tried this version of BH.....buttonhole, peoples.
 I don't think I did a very good job of it, but...moving along here, I did more buttonhole in this corner, in pinks....
 and added some, say it with me, "buttonhole" stitches here, in the brighter green thread.
Now...I like the way it wraps around a wrinkle in the fabric. Yes. I do.
 And again, moving right along....we have fungi.
 Don't know what kind, but I had never seen this shape before, in person, and because the camera just happened to be in my hand....seriously, it was.
 And this?  Well how often do you get to wish someone, in this case my husband, a happy...anything, by painting it on the floor?
 And how many times have we told the cat NOT to walk in the WET paint!!
In her defense, she only put 2 pads in, but left 3 sets of prints.
{yes that is the toilet in the picture. we are going to put in flooring, finally, which means i could paint on the floor first! and we will paint the walls again, and exchange toilets, and...and...all in our bathroom}


  1. i like your buttonhole stitches...
    and again, thanks for the update
    on class...
    hooHa bathroom work! one of these
    days i will do something in mine.
    maybe seeing yours will give me some oomph???? probably not, but who knows......
    more stitches, please.............

  2. The layering of your stitches is adding a lot to this piece. I think those lime green stitches look like a franken-hand...and congrats on 1501 posts!! That's A LOT!!! I think I'm just over 600,,,,