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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

When On Vacation...

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so....I ID'ed the bird I saw in Crane Prairie Reservoir, Oregon.  A Townsend's Solitaire.  I found the first picture here, but I needed to see it in different positions to be sure it was the same.  When I saw them, a grouping of 5 or so, they were moving through the trees, doing bird things.  Turns out they were all after the chunk of hotdog I tossed away from the table for the meat bees. Once the bravest of the group swooped in for the morsel, the rest of them all flew off after him/her.  Another bird I heard, but never saw, was possibly a Raven. It sounded 'larger' than the crows sound here at home.  I saw chipmunks, including the fellow who climbed the screen door.  Squirrels, small, like the chip's. A deer, female, and her twins. And ducks across the lake.  I don't remember seeing animals, other than the dead skunk, anywhere else.

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