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Sunday, September 04, 2011


So I finally picked up a needle the other day....tore some fabric up and added another element to my Magic [Diaries] Cloth.
This one is 'where seams meet and paths cross'.
the view from the front
 Above is how it looks with the sun shining through and below is how the top really looks.
The sheer fabric on top hides it....I am sewing this from the back, for now, to follow seams and cross paths.

the back area
Road Trip this week.  Eastern Oregon.  Taking this with me.


  1. love the various changes in the
    pathwork...the see and see through.
    it is a continued pleasure.
    Have a great trip and fry up some
    fresh caught (wha/tears) fish for
    me. always so conflicted about
    that, but oh, the camp pan sizzle.

    and more and more, as i eye the
    cloth you sent, i think of putting
    it on a larger piece and stitching
    around. this i will take when i
    finally go to hang out with that
    little boy of ours, Julian. he
    (the magic figure in it) will be
    a story teller to him.
    love to you,

  2. How tricky of you to have magic paths that you only see in the light! That new truck is too cool and glad to see the whole family having fun. Many paths, many directions. Magic indeed.

  3. sewing from the back, well there's something new! like the secret paths.