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Monday, September 12, 2011

Have Trailer Will Travel...

We went on vacation.
My backseat companion, Lily.
 My feet up on an improvised foot stool.
 Sewing in my lap.
 Son driving.
 Pin cushion behind husbands head.
 The Sisters mountain's in Oregon.
 Our first campsite at Crane Prairie Resort.
 Totally modern camping.  No more plugging the hair dryer into a tree.
 Lily wasn't too sure about the fire.
 Husband getting his relax on.
 Wake Butte.
 Back to Crane Prairie...this is the lake.
 Off to the next item on the half assed travel plans.
The Painted Hills.  Fantastic!

 The next campground was awesome!  Called Clyde Holliday State Park. Every site had bushes and trees and grass.  But no real water to play in, the John Day river was a bit shallow.  And it was hot hot hot.
 Looks like a double exposure with the camera reflected in the window.
 Since it was so hot in the eastern half of the state, and we weren't having good luck with campgrounds, other than the first one and the looks of the second, we decided to head back out to the coast.  Since it was supposed to be a nice weekend out there, the Oregon beach campgrounds were full.  So we went back to WA and ended up in Westport.
So here is what we found there....

 look closer at this cop....

 He was a fake!  Sitting right outside the city offices.  Slick.
 Lily wasn't going to get those giant waves get to way.
All in all we learned a few things about our older travelling desires...they aren't the same as they were 10 years ago.  Duh!  We should have stayed at the first place in the first place.  That was where I got to enjoy one day of 6. The truck backseat area is more comfortable than the front, thank goodness, or I would have been bitching, not just sighing.  Did I mention it was HOT!!!??

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