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Thursday, September 15, 2011

CollegeGirl on a Canal

So College Girl sends an email that just exudes energy! The Biennale.  I can see that museums will be like a birders life list* for this child of ours....wait til I show her this exhibit at a local spot...a jy-nor-mas** Rubik's Cube!  

Mom! Venice is beautiful! Love the canals and boats and gondolas and water and everything here! We went to the Biennale today and I spent over six hours there and that was only one half of it! Next half tomorrow and then Murano (glass making island) sometime this weekend. Look up the Biennale, it's huge. Pronounced bee- en-all-ay.

*i have a bird to look up for my list, so glad i thought of it.  one i saw in oregon.

**trying a new spelling.....

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