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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Birthday Week Begins Here

Birthday's today are Ben's, my oldest, and his youngest, Lily, who was born the same day and almost the exact same time...missed it by 3 minutes!  
Ben and his Lily holding niece/cousin Avery
Who is this?  This little girl is Charlie. Ashley and Danny really wanted a dog, now that they have a house, 2 kids and a garage....isn't that a song??
My mother in law holding Avery.
 The 2 youngest for the time being, Charlie {canine} and Avery {human} and their parents chins....
 a little girl and her little pup.  
Rhiley has a birthday this week also, she will be 2!
 In all the chaos of family gatherings, someone said, "I hear Avery, she's awake."  Next thing we know, Grandpa Dan is coming out with Avery.  First time he has held her!!!
{Avery was pretty delicate as a newborn, which was a bit scary for Grandpa, so he just waited until she was stronger. She is nearly 2 months old now}


  1. amazing images...l am still waiting for my grandchildren..l just have a granddog instead! Haxx

  2. sorry blog address is should be
    x lynda x

  3. the little girl with her puppy is soooo adorable. i think she looks like she could be on a vintage card!!! all of your family photos are superb! what a nice family!