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Friday, June 17, 2011

Piece! Dude

Tossed this one together last night....still basting. Most of the greens are from Deb L.'s dye pot.
green peace
 Did this one a few days ago....I was going to use this as a base and put something on top....but I like it too much just this maybe it will just get some stitching....or not.
orange peace
 This is the base of "i decided to weave a tree" cloth.  I have torn out so much stitching on this, the batt on the back is starting to fall apart.  I like this batik,  but didn't want it to be the focus, so back to the design wall.  The small piece in the corner is one of the silk bits my niece picked up in India for me. I think I would like to cover this with one whole piece, then snip holes here and there to let the batik show through.
dotty peace
Anyone have something sheer-ish they could part with?  I have lots I could trade with, whatcha want???  I'm thinking something kinda like lawn....not so light as organza...smaller than a fat q.

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