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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Waiting....and Cutting baby yet.....they sent Ashley home because she wasn't progressing on her labor.  But that was at 2 am, she just called and said things have progressed....

In the meantime....I worked on this smaller 9-patch moon and stars.  I enjoyed it. But I still like the 'story' cloth I was working on.
 But then I was intrrupted to try this out.  Cut a piece of fabric like you would a snowflake.  That was fun!  
 But as you can see in this not very well photographed close-up that the small cuts I made were hard to stitch around.  So I will try again on a bigger cloth [this is a 5 incher] and make bigger and fewer cuts. 

1 comment:

  1. most importantly, congrats on baby Avery. you must be ecstatic.
    i like the way the cutout cloth looks on the background. i can't tell from the photo if you stitched around all the edges. i think if you do an overcast or hemming stitch around all the edges, it should make the 2 cloths one and then you could do your running stitch. maybe you did that---not sure.