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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Starry Starry Skies....

So instead of the damn blog-o-versary widget staring me in the face, I dumped it. Gone. Phitt. foot is about this......big!

onto the fun stuff...i am taking a Jude Hill class to soothe my battered soul.....SunMoonStars.....thats what that bright ass yellow thing with my foot is for.
 my sun is taking the drunkard path because thats what one of the scraps is from. 
 I took the scissors to this drunk[up]....makes it kinda flowery, which is not what i want...this is not a flowery kind of now it looks rather space-capsule-landing sort of thing....hummmm
 this is the original drunk shape[up], with it's flowery cut shapes disguised by a circle and a sun ray.
 this batik fabric [above] reminds of a star nebula...
 the sun [up] is created from the batt i painted.  the painted batt behaves like felt, but i found it is not needle friendly unless you tear it up.
 this black 'cloud' shows a bit of the fluff [up]
 heres [up] the painted batt un-pulled. just like felt.
 another drunk [up]
i dug through some of  my silk scraps and found these starry looking pieces for the space behind the sun.

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