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Monday, May 16, 2011

Playing With Goo

 Thought I would try a cornstarch/bleach solution for a discharge 'paste'....Weird Science is what I got.  Seen the Mythbusters where they walk on cornstarch?  Yup  Bleach-water does the same with the starch. The drawings are done with a crayon for a resist idea....the crayon went on great in straight lines, BTW.
pooling begins....then just STOPS
after washing out
 The goo worked ok on the purple, just didn't do much to the others.  Not to mention my resist idea was BUSTED, as they say on Mythbusters.

So. Onward.
I was having fun with the first cloth with it's sun and drunkard paths, but I really wanted to go with the 9-patch idea, damn it, and not a 'storyboard'.
So on Saturday, with the girls here too, I pulled out some blue fabs, tore then up and pinned them to a piece of silk
the moon is a piece of felt to use as a pattern area to work around
 In the center square I put in a full moon.  After I basted everything down first.  I use Jude's invisible basting method, but I didn't go as heavy as she likes to do hers. I figured the visible stitching would take care of a lot of the 'becoming one cloth'....but it's really because I wanted to get onto the visible stuff!

The thimble is for Susan, in case she needs a more reliable ref for size, since my hand could be any ole size, right?
Oh and as far as sewing with a silk fabric makes the cotton fabrics more supple.

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  1. i like how you wrap stitched your moon. nice texture.