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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kibbles and Moondance

My baby-day bag.  Packed and ready to go...hopefully the camera will get put back into the bag....
 The hand work in the bag is this piece I started a couple of years ago...just random bits and bits.  It was once larger, until scissors made it smaller.
kibbles 'n' bits
 Christine gave me a piece of fish print for the Pine Lake Quilt and these were left over parts, so I used them here...the head, the body and tail, and the ruff.
here fishy fishy
 I guess I shouldn't take pix in the sun...will I ever learn?  Nope.  Anyway, this is moondance, or so I seem to be calling it.  This is the 9-patch I started in answer to my inner self.
 I basted the star shapes down then decided they needed more I stitched yarn all around and am couching it down...the middle right side is done.
couching yarn around the stars
 I found it easier to stitch the yarn onto the piece, vs. just laying it down and couching as I go. Kinda like the invisible baste vs pins everywhere, easy to handle.
behind moondance
This is the back, the silk scrap I am stitching it to.

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