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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Works in Progress

notice the tongue at work too 
corner of bedroom, work in progress, view from my bed
This is a mess, but that's ok, it might always be this way.
 I have this old ladder.  The cats used it for years as a way over the outside railing. I wanted to use it somehow, but when I placed it right side up on the dresser, it tilted.  I never noticed the bottom right leg is shorter than the left....So I turned it upside down just to see what it looked like. Different.  But.  I really like the weathered gray rung tops {the foot 'steps' part} and when the ladder is this way, I can see that part while sitting in bed. So it may stay this way.  Not sure if the 'vase' of squiggly sticks will stay though.  Rather a Zen looking spot huh?! Notice it sits right next to the chaos....
let Megan color on this Styrofoam, looks like Pueblo dwellings

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  1. You have such beautiful grandchildren. They match your heart! You are such a giver.