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Sunday, April 24, 2011

I was recently asked...

Crows as a whole
how I did the crochet border.  It's not hard, but I thought I would give you a more close-up view of it.
oh lookie zodiac sign initials in my maiden daze..

 a little close-up of the bg crows....same size yarn I used on the border...just did a satin stitch for these.
I did a blanket stitch all around the outside edge, which I left raw, BTW.   I tried not to make the stitches even in spacing or length, but I didn't stray to far outside either of the invisible lines.
After I did all that, I pulled out a crochet hook, the one that suited the yarn the best, and just started a single crochet stitch in the top part of the blanket stitch, that I found an illustration for.  I think I did 2 single crochets in each until I got to the corner where I think I did 3 or has to be an un-even number or the crochet police will hook you down.



  1. This is a gorgeous piece. I'm behind in posting as well as reading and am so sorry for the loss of your mother.

  2. this is lovely, looks like lots of work so well done.