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Monday, January 17, 2011

Something Is Not Quite Right...

Said Miss Clavel in the middle of the night...

My mom fell last night.  Dan was able to get her off the floor, but she didn't want to stand on her right leg, so I put a chair behind her and helped her sit. 
The handsome paramedics carefully lifted her to the gurney and whisked her off to the local ER.
Her hip is broken, darn it, so she will have surgery this evening to pin the thigh bone to the hip bone.


  1. I am so sorry. Hope the surgery goes well.

  2. Thinking healing thoughts for Mom and the fam!

  3. Oh boy. She'll most likely head to the nursing home for recovery. Is she healthy otherwise??? I hope everything goes well Vicky...big hugs, Susan

  4. Oh, too bad. I am sorry for her. I hope the surgery goes well.
    I'll be sending positive thoughts your way. Keep us posted about her condition.
    You need love and comfort, too.