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Sunday, December 05, 2010

New Thread to Try

go around again, stephie!
 I haven't been doing much stitching on the Tropical top because I haven't been happy with the threads I have been using.  After using the Oliver Twist thread [the 20$ spool!] on the mosaic blocks, all the other threads were to thin.  They didn't feel right in my old fingers.  So I tried embroidery thread, no that wasn't right. 
 So off to do some surfing.  I ended up at Superior Threads and discovered they have Try Me Specials.  Pick one of the threads you want to try, for a price of course, and they send you the colors that don't sell well....well, that's just a guess because you can't pick your own color. And possibly because one of the spools is kind of a yucky color combo.[the cone one], and the other 2 spools of nice colors are nice thick threads and I am hoping they work for me.

With all the different projects I have going, I finally had to break out some containers and label them to hold the different threads....didn't notice that I had spelled it wrong...sheesh....

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