Wednesday, November 10, 2010

That Darn Cat....

not only does she sit right on my project, but she won't look at the camera!
 Rocket is the picture in my header.  He would look straight on at you.
 Now while you look at this, keep in mind that this is a progress picture, please.  I asked Dan if he thought it looked like a volcano and he said, "want an honest answer?"  Oh hell no, dear.  I may do this part raw edge, even though a big BIG part of my RightBrain says turn under...turn under .  But, RightBrain, the jagged-ity edge of the lines would look more rough, like lava does.
I am doing this quilt in circle-ish form, [though the quilt may be square on the edges] and a looking down from above sort of view....

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