Monday, November 22, 2010


My adoring fans await me....something I don't see for myself, though I know they are there.
 I was trying to figure out how to trace a large circle, but sadly, the laundry basket was not large enough.  I wanted to get the round of fish on evenly....hah!
 who am I kidding???  just slap them fishies on there chick!  I have taken some creative license for the fish colors, my quilt my rules.  I will do the same for the flowers when I get to them, but I will try to keep the seahorses and plants normal colors....the coral might get a little crazy too now that I think about it.
 so did someone ask for this?  I am a bit bummed because Steph is not here to build her snow person, and by the time she gets here Wed, this might be gone as it doesn't last here in the lower elevations around Puget Sound.
Remind you of anything?

Thank you ladies for the uplifting comments on my last post.  Mom has not asked for the paper as much as I thought she would.  I did read her the highlights, online, which seemed to suit her.  She could keep her eyes closed and we could make comments about things and we even joked about a few things!


  1. The laundry basket was a good idea,I sometimes use the front of a fan taken off.But just winging them on works well too!Awesome Vicky!

  2. Karen!!!! a fan front is another good idea, since a dinner plate is sure not the thing in this case!