Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crows.....Murders of Them

So I think this Crow quilt is done.  
I had my favorite hangers hold it up for a photo op.  
I learned from another blogger, of course, that a flock of Crows is called a Murder.

Then the other night on Nature/ PBS they aired a show titled "A Murder Of Crows" which we watched, of course, me being the admirer of these smart birds.  I have mentioned this before, but for those new here, my kids, especially my youngest, and I used to watch the crows fly overhead at dusk and say they were flying home for the night.  Little did we know that may have been just what they were doing!!  

After her first few days at college, Steph called me and told me she had found the crows home, right there on the campus at UW.  "Mom, there must be hundreds of crows in the trees outside my dorm."
Turns out there are people studying the crows there at the UW!!!!!  Small world.
I added a touch of dk. blue to the corner to darken the sky under the moon a bit.
I stitched a row of blanket stitches all around this piece and then crocheted in that for a few rows.  I have done this kind of border 'treatment' before.  I almost forgot to add my signature and the date...sheesh.

Mom made a joke after the show...."so if a few crows is a murder, one must be a suicide."  See what reading mystery's does to a persons humor?


  1. I've got a real soft spot for crows and I love yours!

  2. It's wonderful - what an innovative edge technique!