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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Circles....90 of Them...

I traced, cut, and hand basted 90 circles last night during NCIS.

I wrote down, on the cardboard template, which glass I used for the circle.
The fabrics are pink, red and chocolate. I was able to save 2 selvage's, but thems the breaks when you buy FQ's.  The plastic donut is the templar stuff you can iron.  I didn't use starch this time, to 'hold' the circles circled. Hopefully I won't regret that!!!!!!!!!!
My ironing board is on wheels, so I pulled it over to my chair to turn those puff ball's into flat disks.
Got the banner up with help from my guys.

October is birthday month around here.

 theres that cat again, facing away from the camera.
 My sewing machine is now in the dining room.....again, sew mom can find me when I am so-ing.


  1. what cha going to make with 90 circles...all in my favorite colors??

  2. Are you making a yo yo quilt?? I like your banner too.