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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Spit That Out!

Rhiley was here yesterday and we moseyed out to the deck for some reason or other.  It had been raining, so Rhiley got her jammie feets all wet.  She also found a little rock, which she popped right into her mouth, as usual.  I had noticed a slug on the decking, but left it there since I didn't really want to get slimed.  {WA states version of gorilla glue}

Next  thing I know, Rhiley was spitting something out, which  was highly UNUSUAL for her.  I thought it was the rock she was still clutching.... emphasis on still.  Then I saw the curled up slug at Rhileys feet.....gross gross gross. 

Made a great tale for her mommy to tell at work.  And for grandpa to share too.