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Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Threads

After starting the quilting and not liking it, I came across some new threads, embroidery threads.  I think I first came across them on this blog, which sent me surfing for more info and then a place to buy.  An etsy shop had them, but were charging
 way more than I wanted to pay, unfortunately.  Then I found some of the threads here, but not the 2-strand variety.  Those I found here.
I think I did a damn good job picking threads to match my 2 background fabrics.
Though they look the same, all 5 are slightly different shades.
While taking pix this morning IN THE SUN!!, I had a 5 year old hand show the size of the spools.
not to be out done by a 2 year old, who unwrapped the threads also.
This is a close up of the area I had started quilting....some of the threads have already been picked out.
And just because, a feather drying out after a night of drenching rain.

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