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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Slice of Orange?

Nope.  That's the moon.  We had orange skies the other day because of wildfire smoke blowing south from British Columbia.

We finally have this corner almost done, the tree needs planting.  But our rocks are finally 'on display'.  These are rocks from road trips, along with the driftwood on the other side of the ramp.
Once Upon a Time the big girl was the size of the little girl, the blond hair is even the same.  Of course, the little girl will someday be a big girl too.

I came across this awesome doodle on Jill Buckley's's my VJ symbol!! It's also the symbol for Capricorn, of which I am one.  And since my initials where VJ, this became my signature for all things.  [i went from VAJ to VD...sheesh]


  1. Oh what a great moon! The corner and the rocks look great and the baby and the pets look like they are protected too. Which grandchild is this?

  2. phyllis, this is middle grandchild, lily. sister to megan, cousin to rhiley, the far.

  3. I'm a capricorn too. Jan 7 how bout you?