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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kindly Correction to a Commenter

Quilting Fitzy said   "I'm a rock stealer too, and you'd think we'd have enough with our desert landscaping, lol. Nope, never enough!"

Dear dear Fitzy....we don't steal rocks, we find new places to place them, just as our dear Mother Nature does {as in rushing rivers, waves on the beach, etc.}.  We just place them in unnatural settings, like on top of the tv....where that 'nosy' rock is watching my every move!  You are just another rock replacer like so many of us.  And some of us do other things to rocks, like crochet them jackets or paint on them... [scroll down on the second link, Geninne has some great photos to peruse]

Edit to add...or get a pile of rocks given to you like Dorothy did.  Finestkind!
Fitzy....a rock tumbler....sweet!!!


  1. ...or get the neighbour to leave great big piles of them at the side of my field...

  2. OK, ok...a rock replacer!

    My dh, for the first b'day we celebrated together...bought me a rock tumbler, lol.