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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Really Really Random Stuff

My son in law has a large family and recently they started adding animals to the mix. Ashley calls it a Petting Zoo. Anyway, Danny came by and stuck something in our freezer. Turned out to be pork. Not this pork-ine, this is Bonzo...or Betty....whatever. No, we got some of her brother. His name was
Boy did we pull out the stops to the jokes the day we fried up some Boner for gravy.....yummmm
I have these pix mixed. I took the darker shot first, when Page was looking so cute...she moved while I changed the camera settings.
Man, it's a jungle out there.
Free cake for the bday girl!! [when you order another cake]
Lily and her Daddy, Ben, had their birthday [19th] before Rhiley.[22th]
No bib for that child.
my own little Elfin Girl.

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