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Monday, July 12, 2010

Random Stuff-ola do do do the girls and i have been do do doing this as we bee bop around the house. So I got the first disc of the first Muppet Show hoping to find it. Wowzers, jackpot, bingo....this was the first skit on the first show!!!!! And it was the only part of the show I could get them to watch...sheesh.
The link will take you to youtube who has muted the volume, darn it.

Yesterday I caught the cat keeping her eye on this crow...the crow left in a huff....the cat....she yawned.
So this is my beach wallie....
and this is a pair of doll feet and shoes all in one.....
One of the kids removed them from the doll so I snagged them for my embellishment drawer. What? You didn't know I was rather weird?
Course, it all has to do with the "human foot in shoe washes up on beach" thing a couple of years ago. This is the first thing I thought of when I noticed these shoes, with feet. Dorothy got a big kick out of it too and blogged about it back then. I am not sure how I want to attach them.
Dan was supposed to get a chain-saw-carved eagle from a friend who knows a chain saw carver. Instead he was given this 'used' bird. Dan was bummed...I am still trying to think of a way to display him in the yard.
It got hot here in western Washington so Rhiley got to play in the pool...don't worry, she wasn't in the sun for long.


  1. Your beach piece is one of those that every time it's looked at, something new is discovered. Good job!

    For the footed shoes, maybe sew a small flat button down and glue the shoe to the button?

  2. Got a kick out of? Creeped out by, is more like. And they're still showing up without explanation, as far as I know, a couple a year.

    I think Fitzy's on to something with the attachment method - let's see if I remember how it was done - thread a button, leave tails. Glue the shoe to the button, then thread the tails Through to the back and tie off. That should work.

  3. I love your beach wallie!

    The sneakers with the feet still in them are a "special" surprise. I can imagine a yarn about a miniature shark chomping down the rest of the person who used to be in the shoes.