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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

They Let Me Out!

But first....Stephanie was here this last weekend so Ben talked her into helping him put in the floor of the re=placement room at the back of the shop/garage. She loved helping!
Next we have the only SUN we have seen lately....
the dog left a print next to mine....
ahhh...the good stuff. An outing with my girls, the grand girls at least. Our first, even though it wasn't an overnighter. We, Ben, Megan, Lily and I, headed north to the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, WA.
[Over the new Hood Canal Bridge and then east on 101.]
You take wheat bread with you to feed some of the the bison above. You slap a slice on it's tongue and it away it goes. This guy/girl scared Lily when it stuck it's big head in the car. This shot below is the 'before I called it over' view.
Most of the bison are waiting in the middle of the road so they can reach either side of the cars, and they mosey along with you as you drive...unless they stop you completely.
They are not shy about looking for handouts.
These are some of the other animals. I thought the seagulls hanging out on the prairie dog hill was an oxymoron, but seagulls aren't shy about hand outs either.
Show off!
In the first of this collage, you can see the bears lined up along the road, a car length apart. Next we have Megan and her 'little friend'. Actually this bear just sat Ben Frisbee-tossed a slice of bread and made a hole-in-one, right into the bears mouth!
click the pix to enlarge
They even have a rhino! He is hornless now and seems pretty docile.

There are seagulls, rabbits and peacocks everywhere! The animals are all shedding and I wish I could have scooped up a bit of discarded hair here and there for the scrapbook.

First road trip in years...priceless!!!!!

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  1. I like the new blog look Vicky. And all those animals!!! What a trip!