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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Removal Company & Clearing Up a Few Things

Dorothy thinks the dragon in this picture looks like an elephant fetus....such imagination... ...hahahaha, funny Dorothy!
And this doctored-doctored picture is for Susan who couldn't find the rackus-frackus cat. Did you see the dog, Susan?
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So here is the end of the shop addition...being ended....being ripped off....being torn down.
The roof leaked, there were holes in the floor. But it sure was stubborn about coming down. And there were "big-assed" spiders lurking in the woodwork, too. Dan said he even squelpted {squeal-yelpped} when he saw them.

Ben is standing under the YES. So why all the removal?
To rebuild of course!
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So....Vicki Welsh isn't the only one with birds nests....bird nests.....birds nest-isss....anyway, this a Junko nest I just noticed yesterday in the newspaper box across the street. There is someone at home there too.

So as one child learns the home buying/building process, another learns about being foreclosed on. Learn new things every day, so I say.


  1. thank are ever so kind to me...

  2. lol! I thought it was a fetus at first too! Yay, another bird nest!