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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Repairs On the Block That Meg Cut

I end up with my pictures all out of order, rats. Anyway, I have started the satin stitch on the grand canyon....and not sure I like it. I think I will put it down for a day or 2 .....another idea I had was to couch a heavy thread along the cut line.
I was looking at the cut around the WA patch, and it looked just like the way the Columbia River goes through the state....
this bottom line could be the river that divides OR and WA....
the grand canyon before the satin stitch.
the meandering line as it goes between.
And the beginning of Mosaic Block #6 ?????
This is a paper pieced dolphin. I got the idea to use it from another blogger/quilter, of course. Thank You Jo! {i thought it was a raccoon drinking from her watering cans....go see what you think}


  1. You are going to make this mistake into something really special!

  2. I have nothing useful to contribute, but I like where you're going with this.