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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Who Made What

Fantastic! Turns out Quilting Fitzy is one of the block makers for the When I am Purple quilt! She made the Bread and Pickles, far left bottom corner. I know Dorothy is one of the bra makers, also, and Christine Thresh, the designer of the block, is another. Any others remember who made which? Oh, and The Pirate is one of the bra makers too. Alexis did you make one of either? Any of my other Quilty Peoples?


  1. If that's the sum total of your bra blocks, I didn't make one. The black and white pirates are Shelley Rodgers' and the white training bra is, I think, Lisle's. Mine were pink and white gingham with a tie in the front.

  2. Dorothy's bra block was so cute -- a Daisy Mae gingham.
    I remember your block was made from special fabric for a cure.

  3. oh i remember now about your bra block dorothy. thanks for reminding me about lisle's!

  4. Funny, I must have been growing in my quilting ability from then to now. I look at my block and think, geez, couldn't I have least stitched to make a crust line on the bread, lol!

    When was this about 2002 or 3? I lived in Ohio, 2 moves since then!!