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Monday, March 01, 2010

Quilt Block Swaps

Long time ago, I found the about-dot-com forums, the quilting one in particular.
I also joined, and hosted quite a few block swaps.
I didn't host these, but I did participate. These blocks are from 2 different swaps. I have combined them into one top. In the beginning I had decided to call it "When I am Purple, {My Boobs Won't Sag}" but couldn't think of the second part, for the bra blocks, until the other night.
2. The "When I am old, I shall wear purple...." swap based on the poem Warning by Jenny Joseph. The blocks had to be based on a line from the poem, I picked "and learn to spit" for my block, which I did in 'redwork' stitching. The "Warning" blocks are in order of "appearance" in the poem. Mine came after - "And pick flowers in other people's gardens".
The bra blocks are just randomly placed. Mine is in the far right bottom corner. I haven't got a decent picture of it yet.
The back for the top is already assembled. I had used Breast Cancer Awareness fabrics.
Many people have odd cats. Others have odd dogs. I have both.


  1. Fun project, I love the blocks. Great picture of your cat and dog! Our cat washes our dog's face and she is a fraction of her size.

  2. HA! My block is in the lower left..something about bread and pickles, heck, I don't even remember!

    Glad to hear about "only a cyst", I've had the same scare twice. They say those cysts will stop appearing once you're over the hump for good.