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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Paper Quilting Megan Style

Megan wanted to add pictures to my mosaic block too. She also learned to use a safety pin. Sneaky Grandma, teaching something new....I am now going to have Meg use the pins for 'doll clothes' instead of scotch tape! Later, I found Lily {20 months} messing with my pincushion, but instead of pushing all the pins in like every child before her has done, she was picking out a pin and re-inserting it into another spot on the cushion. She was very careful, used her forefinger and thumb, and had her pinky finger stuck out just right.
And below this you can see all the whining I deleted. It went on and on. Bah!
I am having a case of "stuck in the middle with [me]".


  1. You have some potential stitchers there!

  2. Thank You Christine. Jules I decided to approach sewing the easy way....via the tape

  3. oh she is adorable... I'd follow her lead, too!