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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Number 23

Figures largely on my husbands side, birthdays and wedding dates. And now for this next year, the whole year! It was our anniversary yesterday, our 23rd. Dan gave me flowers and a card and I gave him.....clean clothes for work? Does that count? Being a caregiver to my mom and grandchildren, with husband and my own children tossed in, doesn't leave much for me of anything. Doing handwork, while sitting with mom, is my fun time. I could
mention my depression but I won't because it's depressing.


  1. Congratulations! Clean clothes definitely count. They beat the heck out of dirty clothes any day.

  2. Happy Anniversary! You are a year ahead of me - we just hit 22 in February.

  3. You have to find fun where you can snatch it at this time in your life. You are doing fine. Good for you. Happy anniversary.

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    DH and I will be 50 next Jan. Eeeek! how can it be that long?

  5. Happy Anniversary! Our 30th will be this fall. Your blog looks great!