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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mosaic Blocks 2 & 3 & Grandchildren

Take the picture quick, Vick-y, before the dog jumps up on this. [i used the dog seat in the window to get the daylight.] Block #2 of 9 of the mosaic. Animals, as you can tell. The moose was a t-shirt of mom's. I didn't turn under the edges of that one, but I did go over the raw edge with a cross kind of stitch.
Block # 3 is plotted and has even been plotted and put on Abby for size.....
The Travelers Quilt has been finished around the edges, but I am not sure if it is done yet. I think it needs beads.
Ashley had all 3 girls the other day, so they went to the park. Megan likes to pose and the stroller chicks look kind of stunned.
So that's Lily and Megan {my sons girls} and Rhiley {Ashleys}
More of Rhiley. {notice she still hasn't got eyebrows.}

Lily sharing with Rhiley. That cigar she is holding is supposed to be a tree trunk.

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