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Friday, March 05, 2010

More Fabric??

Look what I dug out of the bottom of a bucket....a shirt? Yup. Good Guess.
I did this embroidery way back in the 70's...I think. I do know I got the pattern from the newspaper. Seriously, there were line drawings in the ads back then too, and I turned a few into embroideries. Scroll down and see the flying horse I found in the paper too. It's on the shirt back. I snipped the pocket off the shirt to do something else with. I think I did the embroidery with the pocket still on the shirt.....

Fabric. I wanted some plain fabric for the project that I want to make for me. I don't get plain fabrics as a rule, so I had to go etsy. I found the 2 colors you see under the pocket above, the terracotta-y orange on the left has a slight print you can barley see.
I also found a few fabrics in aqua....but these fabrics have TEXTURE
not sure why I got the pink...maybe that was tossed in for good luck by the seller.
BUT...can you see the textures in these fabrics??? Love it.
All the fabrics were from the same collection by moda and not all of them have texture, but that's okay, I will be mixing them all up together....I think.


  1. WOW, the pocket is awesome! Yeah, 70' Mom did an entire Holly Hobby denim-like shirt for me. I dithered between love & hate regarding for that shirt, but I knew how much work she put into it!

  2. I love the pocket embroidery. What are you going to put it on now?