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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Sew

I am having a lot of fun sewing these blocks! This is the first one, I am already working on the second.
taking scissors to fabric and cutting out the pictures I want is fun too. Frugal? Not by any means!!!!
Megan and Lily were here last night for a few hours. The table by my chair is just to hard to resist exploring when you are 20 months old. My spool of thread was explored to a different area of the room and the Thread Chewer found it and lived up to her name.
Thank goodness Megan was able to rescue it for me before to much damage had been done. This is the Oliver Twist spool, 'spensive stuff!
The cat likes to catch me not looking before she MEOWS to be let in. Scares me. every. single. time. Double pane windows have no effect blocking out a determined cats meow.
here is the table by my chair. {and a tv table.}
It is actually a file table, or something like that, that I found on Target's website a couple of years ago. It's perfect for me. Has a drawer [file area] for me to stash stuff, besides having 2 table top surfaces!
the cat likes to get in the way of the camera too.