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Monday, March 08, 2010

Body on my Floor!

A Kleenex body. Left by a dog.
The dogs like to eat used Kleenex when I have a cold. This bit of floaty nothing-ness happened to land on the floor in this shape.
Maybe it would make more sense to you if I dress it up in white lines and yellow tape....
Enough humor.
this is fabric. novelty fabric.
I have been collecting novelty fabric for years. For children's quilts, for my own 3-tier gathered skirts, for Stack 'n Whack quilts. There is about 3x this amount in my whole collection...of course.
sometimes it was just for the novelty of it....hehehe
Christine asked what I was doing with the embroidered pocket...this is what I have done with it so far. I decided I wanted to make a quilt for myself using parts of all those novelty fabrics I have collected. I will be doing it in a mosaic type applique setting. I am also doing the stitches on 'top' as opposed to 'invisible' stitching. [like machine stitching] I have a spool of Oliver Twist thread in a green variation, and I will be using that for the sewing so I don't have to worry about matching threads. Besides, the Oliver Twist is a heavier thread and I like that.
The Travelers Quilt needs to be finished, but I put it aside while I was with cold.
I want to quilt close to the edges on 2 sides so the backing print doesn't roll around to the front. I also have novelty things to attach. As fringe maybe.

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