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Friday, February 05, 2010

Sooner Than We Expected!

Ashley called with exciting news last night, they are going to be building their first home in this area of Port Orchard WA. And it all begins in April...this April!!!!
This is the KCCHA Program they are eligible for. {I call it ka-cha.}

Last time I mentioned this, I had floor plans and a possible land site to show you. Floor plans are still un-decided, I think, I forgot to ask. But at least we know where they will build! For now we call it "the place behind Puerto Vallarta" because the restaurant is right at the corner.
So now I need my Dan {Ashley's husband is a Daniel too, but we all call him Danny} to finish up a few deck projects here before I can let him go help with everyone else. I figure I will be babysitting, which will be important too.
Crows. I am now ready to work on the top left corner where the moon will go....
the lower portion of quilting is done. This whole piece is about an FQ size....
which is 18" x 22"-ish.
And here is the Batt Tree.....and I think I just figured out what to paint in/on this... but for now, you can see I decided to outline the pale impression of the tree. 6 strands of floss, DMC 402 actually, and a fat needle. I had to go through my needles to find a fat, big-eyed monster that would go through the batt without help from pliers!
This looks really easy to do, but as soon as I hold it in my hands, the outline starts to blurr and I can't resort to the ole LSD jokes floating through your minds right now.

I have Rhiley today, she is napping right now. She is now 6 months old, 18 pounds and 26 inches long, or "two feet - two inches" as Ashley phrased it. The number 2 is in a lot of Ashley's life these days.


  1. Congtratulations to them all, it sounds very exciting!

  2. It's wonderful that it's happening so soon! The quilt is coming together nicely.

  3. What exciting news. I am loving this quilt. Keep showing your progress!