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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Something to Crow About

This is what i have done so far with my Crow idea. The one I got from the Lark Books Contest...I won't be entering, but Judy did and her entry is wonderful! Go See
I will repeat the whole story about my family and crows when I have this finished.
For now I have a mountain, Mt. Rainier as 'seen' from University of Washington, ie; Stephanie.
I came up with an even number of crows....not sure it will stay that way. The white thing pinned there is the 'pattern' piece of batt for the crows.
The crow on the right didn't get her beak appliqu├ęd 'open', so I will have to fix that somehow with a spot of paint or thread. She needs to be seen "talking"! The one of the left is a male crow...the one in the middle is a youngster.


  1. I really like how this is coming along Vicky.

  2. I love crows! This is going to be a really cool piece.

  3. Great crows! I also love your selection of fabrics. I am waiting to hear your story about the crows.