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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Other than Advent.....

In case you think all I do is look for pictures of ornaments, or other unusual things, at this time of year....Here we have Miss Rhiley, now 4 months, Miss Page, about 8 doggy years, and Miss Ashley, old enough to be a mama. I included this picture so you can see how Rhiley is growing. The quilt on the chair back is one I made years ago from a Jean Wells pattern. [i didn't follow her instructions very well]
Update on the Eyebrow Study. If you enlarge the pic you can see how this angle really gives the eyebrows a chance to shine! [somewhere in the past 4 months i have mentioned the Eyebrow Study, can't find it now of course so i guess you will have to work out your own theory about what i am doing....]
One day Mom said, "I think the flowers are done, honey."
Another day, "So when are you going to get rid of the dead flowers, Vicky?"
Yet another day, "mumble mumble mumble..." "Mom! what are you doing?"
"Darn it, I was hoping you wouldn't see me [throw these away]."
"Let me take a picture first, for my blog, then I will toss them."
"mumble mumble....ok....mumble."
We tend to play our own version of Musical Furniture around here. I traded Ben our huge sofa for the sleeper-sofa he had, that used to be mom's. Then Dan took a chair that we had gotten from Ashley, down to his 'space' in the garage. That left our living room without a lot of seating, so I brought my chair in from my sun corner in our bathroom and plunked it in a window-ish corner of the living room. Then I moved my sewing table from our bedroom, into the bathroom to the sunny corner. I love it!!! I finally got to doing a little sewing last week and all that daylight is incredible! Granted, the sun was hiding behind clouds, so the lighting was a bit muted, but.....Of course the cat had to join me, and the bigger dog was under the table while I sewed....

Yes the chair is fugly, I haven't gotten around to covering it better. If I ever will. But for a 35$ Goodwill find, it's great! I have a great spot for all my projecting now!


  1. Your space is sunny and homey...which is all that counts...I didn't see fugly at all.

    Rhiley is beautiful! I have no idea what you mean by eyebrows BUT HER eyebrows are perfect.

  2. I love the quilt! Beautiful and so is little Rhiley. She is getting so big. How time flies and they grow all too quickly it seems